Machine Operator Training

Certified Indoor Machine Operator Training

Our Certified Machine Operator Training lessons cater to workers involved in manufacturing, warehousing labor, and distribution sites.

You may be a good fit for this program if you fit one of these roles. Employers are encouraged to contact us directly to schedule training sessions for their employees.

  • Hourly worker operating key machinery
  • Supervisor over machinery and machine operators

We specifically focus on:

    • Powered Industrial Truck (i.e. Fork Lift Operator)
    • High-Racker Truck Operator Training
    • Stand-Up Counterbalanced Operator Training
    • Narrow Aisle Truck Operator Training
    • Order-Picker Truck Operator Training
    • Walkie Truck (Powered Pallet Jack) Operator Training
    • Pedestrian Awareness Training for Powered Industrial Trucks
    • Push-Pull Attachment Operator Training
    • Roll Clamp Attachment Operator Training
    • Rotator Attachment Operator Training
    • Supervisor Awareness Training for Powered Industrial Trucks
    • Train the Trainer for Powered Industrial Trucks
    • Aerial Work Platform Operator Training
    • Scissors Lift Operator Training
    • Train the Trainer for Aerial Work Platforms & Scissors Lift Platforms
    • Skid Steer Operator Training
    • Rough Terrain (Extensible Boom) Operator Training
    • Mini-Excavator Operator Training
    • Wheel Loader Operator Training
    • Trackmobile Operator Training
  • Personnel & Burden Carrier Operator Training

Sky Jacks may be used indoors or outdoors.

Why Take The Course

Safety comes first – both from the standpoint of health and safety in the workplace as well as meeting regulatory guidelines set forth by state and federal organizations. Spot audits from agencies and departments regulating your industry also take certifications into account.

About Certified Machine Operator Training

We deliver this training in-person and on-site, demonstrating to you or your workers how to properly operate key machinery in your facility. Through video tutorials, hands-on training, and written tests, we teach fundamental workplace and machine safety habits.

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