Bodyguard Training

Our bodyguard training course in Tonawanda, New York, provides you with the skills you need for a career providing close protection to individuals in a range of settings. Whether working with principals traveling abroad to business or helping them ensure the security of their homes and families, our training will prepare you for all eventualities.

Our course covers a variety of skills you need to be a professional bodyguard, including

  • Security risk assessment and response
  • Security principles and contingency planning
  • Security and protective detail planning and procedures
  • Protective detail exercises
  • Firearm use, response, and takeaway procedures


  • Site advance work--procedures and planning
  • Residential and office security
  • Vehicular security and bomb detection
  • Perimeter security at all levels--outer, middle, and inner
  • Assassination risk assessment and assassin personality profiles
  • Route planning procedures
  • Armored vehicle operation
  • Overseas travel planning
  • Surveillance detection techniques
  • Surveillance and counter-surveillance techniques

Our bodyguard training course, offered at the Police Training Facility in Tonawanda, covers both the theory and practical aspects for all these concepts and more. We will cover the planning, and provide opportunities to practice, these skills and more.

Your training will include all the aspects of planning for these skills. You’ll learn how to plan security operations with your principal and their families, as appropriate, as well as the art of blending in to any surroundings.

Bodyguards and executive protection agents provide a wide range of services for high-profile individuals, and need to have the skills to plan for many contingencies. In a more dangerous world, especially one in which many high-profile people need to travel into dangerous locations, the services of bodyguards are needed more than ever.

Our program provides you with all the tools you need to provide security for corporations and individuals, whether at their homes, businesses, or travel venues. We welcome students from Tonawanda, Buffalo, and western New York State.


Lessons are available at the following location:

Our Bodyguard Training courses are offered at the following location:

Police Training Facility
500 Wheatfield Street North
Tonawanda, NY l4120

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