Executive Protection

CCTEC Consulting helps provide security and protective services to individuals and families who need a higher level of personal security at home or on the road.

Digital Security

Digital security combines virtual and physical tools to ensure that your small and medium-sized business or million dollar home is protected from intrusion. Digital and cybersecurity for Buffalo businesses ensure that you control access to your systems and property.

Federal and State Compliance

Our ISO Pre-Audit evaluates your business prior to applying for ISO (International Standards for Organization) certification. ISO certification adds credibility to your organization and express that your products and services meet the expectations ...



Security Guard Training

Our course is designed to be practical and comprehensive. Through physical lessons in defensive and proactive action, video tutorials, and written examinations, workers learn basic and even some advanced tactics for handling...

Data Editing and Management

Your company has the answers to most questions already, or at least the resources to answer them. Those answers are in the information you’ve gathered from a wide range of sources through the years--YOUR DATA!

Data management and editing helps store and organize your data. Proper storage helps with cleaning, mining, analyzing and, most importantly, visualizing YOUR DATA! These actions with YOUR DATA are CRITICAL to making informed business decisions.


OSHA Outreach Training

We provide OSHA training in our office or via live video conferencing. We offer 10 Hour OSHA certification and 30 Hour OSHA certification training, as well as training for Safety Managers and people who work in confined spaces. Our courses fulfill OHSA’s curriculum requirements. Contact us for details.

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