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ISO Certification Pre-Audit

ISO Certification Pre-Audit

Our ISO Pre-Audit evaluates your business prior to applying for ISO (International Standards for Organization) certification. ISO certification adds credibility to your organization and express that your products and services meet the expectations of your customers. For some industries this is a contractual or legal requirement; however, for most it is a competitive advantage.

Your business may be a good fit for this program if you intend to –

  • Apply for ISO Certification
  •  Expand and invest into foreign markets
  • Or, compete aggressively in foreign markets

Businesses interested in ISO Certification are typically in the following industries: finance, healthcare, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, government, or public service.

Why Hire CCtec

CCtec applies audit standards higher than ISO, which not only dramatically improves the likelihood of being awarded and ISO certification, but may also qualify you for additional industry and government certifications and compliance (e.g. cybersecurity standards, EPA, FDA, Higher Education Compliance Guidelines, HIPAA, OSHA, Six Sigma, and others).

Our ISO Certification Pre-Audit is conducted directly by Dr. John Cordaro onsite and in consultation with your management team. Additionally, Dr. Cordaro will make the introduction between your business and an ISO certification office and walk you through the certification process.

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