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CCTEC Consulting helps provide security and protective services to individuals and families who need a higher level of personal security at home or on the road. Whether the risk is caused by occupation, wealth, reputation, or travel, our professional team is ready to mitigate the risks you may face.

CCTEC engages former law enforcement and military personnel. They are trained to respond to security risks in the civilian world, and can plan both on the strategic and tactical levels. They respect the needs of their principals and their families to live as carefree as possible, and our planning reflect those needs.

Working with you to create protection plans which fit your individual lives, we maintain a low profile while still giving you the peace of mind you want--you will be able to focus on your business, travel, or family without worry. Our agents blend-in to the immediate environment, regardless of setting, and make sure that everything continues as business-as-usual.


Services we can explore for you include:

  • Travel services which keep you safe from door to destination and back again, including vehicles, drivers, and other needed personnel.
  • Close protection at your home and secondary residences--including security for both you and your family members. We can be covert or open, and provide surveillance as well.
  • Personal protection during the day, both in-vehicle and on foot, armed and unarmed.
  • Client-centered planning for each facet of your security needs, including personal and corporate risk and vulnerability threats.
  • Physical site security, including full audit of nearby locations and routes traveled.

Our staff is both discreet and professional, and our planning works with you to ensure that your life and routine are interrupted as little as possible during the process. High-profile individuals needing specific or general security needs met--whether from a single trip abroad to year-round home surveillance--will find peace of mind working with us as we create your personal protection plan.

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