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Are You Looking To Hire Armed/Unarmed Security Guards In Buffalo, NY?

Professional, Highly-trained, Reliable Security for Short and Long Term Security Needs

Many people need security guards.

Some need them for specific situations, such as the visit of a high-profile person to a conference or event. Others need them for the long-term, such as family protection or extended travel overseas.

Regardless of your security needs, CCTEC Security, led by Dr. John C. Cordaro, can provide you a full security assessment and connect you with the security team which works best for you.

We will spend the time with you to create a security plan and then provide you with well-trained, reliable, and certified security guards. Most of our guards are firearms trained and certified. That training enhances their reliability even in situations where unarmed guards are the right solution.

We provide security guards for a wide range of needs

We work in a wide range of security needs for industries, individuals, and organizations.

Those needs can include:

  • Event-specific security -- public and private, corporate and individual
  • Corporate office buildings and spaces
  • Armed and unarmed close protection
  • Executive protection
  • Industrial parks and construction sites
  • Retail and loss prevention security
  • Weddings, movie sets, and reunions
  • And many more.

Contact CCTEC Security for Excellent Security Guards in Buffalo, NY

CCTEC Security and its principal, Dr. John C. Cordaro, has over 30 years experience in security training, driver training, and education. He works in physical security, as well as digital security.

All security guards available through CCTEC Security are state-certified and trained. Most are trained and licensed in firearms use. Fire-arms trained guards make the best security guards, even in situations where firearms are not needed.

The steady reliability of our security guards will keep you physically safe and give you peace of mind.

Contact us today for a security audit and plan.

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