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Leadership Skills Workshop

Currently Offered Courses:

Leadership Skills Workshop

Led by Dr. John J. Cordaro

Duration: 10 weeks (Once per week for 2 hours)

Cost: $300

Open for enrollment now


Personal communication skills are vital for success in every field. Writing and speaking clearly, working well in a team environment, and understanding other people are skills which will take you far. Our Leadership Course focuses on developing your communication skills, giving you a solid foundation for the rest of your career--and life.

During this workshop, we'll develop your skills in several communication areas:

  • Interpersonal--Reading body language, Nonverbal and verbal communication, Active listening, and Expression
  • Writing and Speaking--Concision, Editing, Explaining, Articulating, Business Storytelling, Clarity
  • Presentation--Public speaking, Expression, Tone of Voice, Articulating

This course is your chance to invest in your future.

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