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About Us

John Cordaro
Founder and CEO

CCTEC, founded by Dr. John Joseph Cordaro, (EdD), is an unparalleled, multi-dimensional organization that provides a wide range such as Pre-Auditor for ISO Certification, Certified government-approved Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and Health and Safety Products and Services.

John has more than 30 years of experience in Safety and Security Products. 30 years in Education and Training. Part-Time Professor at University at Buffalo. Four years as a Law Enforcement Instructor. John also holds a Doctoral Degree.

Finally, we believe in community service. John serves on the advisory board of the Orchard Park High School Academy of Finance and on UUP, Board of Directors at University at Buffalo.

We believe in providing safe, informed training to individuals, workers, companies, and industries to improve safety and security outcomes in work life and public life. If you or your organization would like to schedule a training session, please contact us today.

Through a systematic process, Dr. Cordaro will assess your business in a number of ways:

First - He will first look at the branding of your company and design a website and secure its back door. Businesses will also be supplied with improved rankings on all major search engines and monthly analytics reports.

Second – He will conduct an analysis of the security of the business in terms of its data files and networks.

Third – The business will be assessed for Federal and State compliance. Once the business is in line with ISO level guidelines, any auditor coming in to evaluate the business’s departments will be fully satisfied from a compliance standpoint.

Fourth - CCtec may also supply training and certified training to our clients per a variety of compliance and best practices guidelines.

In this way, CCtec improves businesses holistically – sales and marketing outreach are improved; safe growth is enabled through federal and state compliance; and staff are trained, creating better work environments and driving down the cost of operations.


Security Solutions

At CCTEC we believe that innovation in cyber security measures is of paramount importance. Hackers are finding new ways to break through the security net of business websites every day. In response to this threat we conduct brainstorming sessions in our own Internet Security Discussion Communities where new ideas for the improvement of our services and cyber security modules are brought to the table.

Security Services

Our team ensures the best security standards for cyber risks. Being cost effective and providing real time service are our unique selling points. We see to it that the risks your business faces are greatly reduced by continuously updating cyber security safeguards to protect your data. Our team will keep monitoring your business and keep it on track. Website operations will never be hindered and you will never be subject to penalties.

Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

A website is first and foremost a marketing tool for businesses looking for online growth. Your website is your first salesman online. Creating a beautiful and effective website is a game changer. It is the face of your company. Our SEO marketing team will help research key words and content to market your site to the right crowd. Our in depth assessments are second to none.

Pay Per Click & Social Media

PPC and Social Media are some of the best online marketing methods for driving traffic to your website. The visibility of a website increases when a website is on the top page of results of every search engine. Since PPC is an instantaneous process, you become visible to your target customers on day one. PPC puts you directly on the top results page in places where people will notice you, driving more traffic to your website. Social Media marketing creates a more dimensional tool to market to more potential clients.

Software Development

Standalone Software

We can sit down with your company and develop standalone software or integrated tools for your company to either use internally or externally. Our business management dashboards can easily let you manage and control all aspects of your business from clients to payroll, increasing your efficiency.

Website Development

We create responsive, search engine friendly websites. We are a research driven website designing and development company who cares about every aspect of your website, ranging from site structure to content, color to formatting, UI to lead capture tool integration. We have created websites for every possible industry, ranging from ecommerce, products/service driven, and informational websites.


Federal/State & ISO Compliance

Cctec applies audit standards higher than ISO, which not only dramatically improves the likelihood of being awarded and ISO certification, but may also qualify you for additional industry and government certifications and compliance (e.g. Cyber Security Standards, EPA, FDA, Higher Education Compliance Guidelines, HIPAA, OSHA, Six Sigma, and others).
Our Pre-Audit is conducted directly by Dr. John Cordaro onsite and in consultation with your management team. Additionally, Dr. Cordaro will make the introduction between your business and an ISO certification office and walk you through the certification process.

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